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Types of Family Residency

There are different types of family Residency available. Some common types are here:

Sponsor Your Spouse

A Spouse Visa in the UAE is a residency permit that allows married partners to live together in the UAE

Sponsor Your Parents

It enables residents to bring their parents to the UAE, ensuring families can live together and support each other.

Sponsor Your Child

It allows residents to sponsor their dependent children, ensuring families can stay united and thrive together.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Family's Unique Needs: Making UAE Residency a Reality

Residency in UAE for 2 years

UAE Medical Insurance

Support to open a Bank Account


Work Permit

Emirates ID

Other Documents

Salary Certificate

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Why EFG PM Services?

Getting your family residency in the UAE can be tricky with all the paperwork and rules. But don't worry, EFG PM Services is here to help! Our team knows all about immigration and will guide you through every step.

We're experts at making sure everything goes smoothly when you're applying to bring your family together. We'll help you with all the forms and documents, and we'll talk to the immigration office for you.

With us, you can relax knowing you're getting the best help to reunite with your family. Get in touch with us to chat about how we can help and to start your family's journey to the UAE.

Eligibility Criteria

Salary Required for sponsor is 4, 500 AED

  • Salary Required for sponsor is 20,000 AED
  • Salary Required for sponsor is 4, 500 AED
  • Age for Child – Male [until 25]
  • Female (18+ required, single status )

Documents Required

  • Passport
  • copy of your permit
  • Emirates’ identification
  • Ejari (Tenancy contract )

Marriage Certificate attested by: 

  • UAE Embassy from Home Country 
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Birth Certificate-Attested in your home country & from UAE
  • NOC (in some cases)

Application Process

Bringing families together, made easy in just 4 steps

Connect our Experts

Schedule a call with our team to learn more about the application process and the necessary documents for your family residency.

Submit Application

Provide the required documents and complete the form, and our team will submit your application for you.

Obtain Your Residency

With the support of our professionals, receive your family residence and work permit in a timely manner.

Live with Your Family in Dubai

Once you receive your residency, embrace a new life with your loved ones in Dubai, where family comes first.”


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"A seamless experience from start to finish. EFG PM Services team' dedication to our family's visa process was remarkable."

Laura S. Personal Trainer

"Professional, friendly, and reliable. EFG PM Services made our dream of living together in the UAE a reality."

Fernando Martin Global Engineer

"EFG team turned a complex process into a simple one. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable."

Yuliya B Music Instructor

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