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Dive into the Exciting World of Freelance in the UAE! With a Freelance Residency, unlock more than just a place to stay - it's your ticket to an amazing lifestyle filled with endless opportunities. Ready to transform your freelance adventure? Let's get started!"


Work on Your Terms

Embrace Total Freedom with a Freelance Residency in the UAE! Live and work wherever you choose - from Dubai's dynamic city buzz to Abu Dhabi's cultural allure. It's all about your preference, your style. Craft the perfect work-life balance on your terms!

Financial Freedom

Welcome to a World of Tax-Free Earnings! With a Freelance Residency, say farewell to big tax cuts and hello to more money for your dreams. Invest in your future, chase your passions, and build a stable financial base – all with more cash in hand!

Unrestricted Exploration

Free Yourself from Visit Day Limits! With a Freelance Residency, enjoy unrestricted stays and travel across the UAE. Dive into stunning landscapes, embrace diverse cultures, and make memories that last a lifetime, all at your own pace.

Seamless Financial Integration

Experience Easy Banking with a Freelance Residency! Opening a bank account becomes a breeze, simplifying your financial dealings. Enjoy effortless access to banking services, manage your finances with ease.

Realize Your Dreams

Turn Your Business Dreams into Reality with a Freelance Residency! Need financial backing for your entrepreneurial ideas? Here's your chance to apply for a loan and power up your business ventures, unleashing your true potential.

Bring Your Loved Ones

Bring Your Family Along on Your Freelance Journey! With a Freelance Residency, you get the special privilege to sponsor your loved ones. Secure residency for your dependants and let them enjoy the wonders of UAE life right by your side.

Establish Roots

Find Your Dream Home with a Freelance Residency! Settle down and rent the property you've always envisioned. Discover the perfect place to call your own and craft a space that truly mirrors your individual style and personality.

Hit the Open Road

Hit the Road in Style with a UAE Driver's License! As a Freelance Residency holder, embrace the freedom to explore the UAE's scenic roads and highways. Set off on exhilarating road trips, uncover hidden treasures, and relish the excitement of every journey.


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Get your freelance residency with ease and confidence by choosing EFG. As the leading residency provider in the UAE, approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) with license number, and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient start to your freelance career.


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