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Experience personalized health insurance solutions from the industry’s leading companies. Our extensive range of options caters to both personal and group insurance needs. Rest assured, we have you covered with the perfect insurance package that suits your requirements.

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Our packages provide extensive in-patient and out-patient benefits, ensuring that all your medical needs are taken care of. Whether you require hospitalization, surgeries, specialist consultations, or diagnostic tests, our coverage has you covered. Our plans are designed to offer maximum coverage and flexibility so you’re protected from unexpected healthcare costs. Stay protected and secure with our health insurance solutions.

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With our extensive network, we have partnered with the most reputable names in the healthcare industry to offer you top-notch services.  From renowned hospitals to specialized clinics, our network ensures that you receive exceptional medical care.

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At our health insurance company, we understand that everyone has different healthcare requirements. Whether you’re an individual seeking personalized coverage or a business in need of comprehensive group insurance, we’ve got you covered.

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Did you know that Dubai boasts one of the most efficient healthcare systems globally? With an impressive ratio of 181 doctors per 100,000 residents, the city has become a hub for medical tourism, attracting visitors from around the world.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a well-established healthcare infrastructure with high standards of medical care. This includes modern healthcare facilities and comprehensive health insurance plans, catering to both residents and visitors.

Whether you’re relocating to Dubai for employment or starting a business, understanding health insurance options is essential when considering the cost of living in this vibrant city.

Health insurance requirements and facilities in the UAE vary across cities, but you can expect excellent healthcare services. Abu Dhabi citizens benefit from the Thiga program, granting access to a wide range of public and private providers.

The UAE has a comprehensive government-funded healthcare system, offering high-quality care in public and private sectors, free or at subsidized rates for nationals. Expatriates and non-residents must pay for care, while employers ensure employee access and sponsors provide insurance for dependents.

Dubai’s Health Insurance Law mandates valid coverage meeting minimum requirements set by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Dubai nationals can access the Saada program, covering those not eligible for other government programs, allowing treatment at private providers and DHA facilities.

Citizens can also opt for government scheme instead of private coverage for healthcare needs.


Navigating the healthcare system in the UAE requires some key insights. In Dubai, employee health insurance coverage, including for dependents, is determined by designation and salary. The chosen policy and level of coverage directly impact medical costs.

In Abu Dhabi, employers must provide health insurance for employees and their dependents, covering one spouse and up to three children under 18.

In contrast, Dubai employers only offer health insurance for employees, while sponsors are responsible for providing insurance to resident dependents.

Now, let’s explore some healthcare insurance options available in Dubai.

For non-residents in Dubai, it’s crucial that your sponsor or employer ensures you have valid health insurance. However, not all jobs provide coverage, and the extent of coverage for your dependents may vary based on your preferences and their specific needs.

It is essential to understand their procedures of private health insurance provider which includes claiming process, covered treatments, payment methods, and more, before selecting an insurer.

You can refer to the UAE Insurance Authority for a list of approved and registered insurance providers. It’s important to obtain health coverage from a valid insurance company as proof of insurance is required for residence applications in Dubai and other UAE cities.

Benefits of private health insurance include avoiding monthly fines, as living without health insurance in the UAE incurs penalties that can surpass your monthly insurance contributions. 

Public health coverage in the UAE varies across different emirates, with specific services provided to residents. The coverage primarily focuses on emergency services and preventive care, including immunizations for newborns and children, essential vaccinations, and maternity services.

In addition, public health insurance includes primary healthcare services such as general check-ups, diagnostic tests, treatment by general practitioners and specialists, physiotherapy services, consultations, radiology diagnostics, laboratory services, prescribed drugs, and other medications.

However, it’s important to note that public health insurance typically does not cover laser vision correction, hearing and vision aids, dental and gum examinations, and certain specialized treatments. In certain cases, surgical procedures, maternity follow-ups, and physiotherapy may be covered under the public health insurance.

For comprehensive coverage, it’s advisable to explore private health insurance options, which provide additional benefits and services beyond what is offered by public health insurance in Dubai.

Dubai offers the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) for low earners or unemployed individuals who earn below AED 4,000. This plan provides medical coverage for residents and their dependents at an annual cost of AED 550 to AED 650. The EBP includes maternity care, medication, tests, surgeries, emergencies, and outpatient and inpatient treatments.

However, it has limitations such as a maximum claim limit of AED 150,000 per year and a waiting period of six months for pre-existing or chronic conditions. Co-payment requirements apply for essential inpatient services, prescriptions, and there are caps on coverage for inpatient services and medications.

The EBP also covers maternity services, including up to AED 7,000 for vaginal delivery and up to AED 10,000 for medically necessary cesarean sections.

Only authorized insurance companies can provide the EBP, and domestic workers should receive healthcare coverage from their employers.

When your employer does not provide healthcare coverage, expatriates in Dubai have options for obtaining health insurance. One option is the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), which costs approximately 550-650 AED per year. Another option is private health insurance, and there are several reputable providers for foreigners, including Aetna International and Cigna Middle East.

Cigna offers three cover levels: International Plus, International, and Regional, with the option to add extra modules for enhanced coverage and benefits. Aetna provides three plans as well, along with add-ons, optional benefits, and voluntary cost-sharing solutions. They also offer a wide network of hospitals for access to healthcare services.

Before choosing a plan, it’s essential to consider the requirements, pros, and cons of each option. You can consult the list of registered insurance companies on the Insurance Authority’s website to ensure you select a reputable provider.

Health insurance in Dubai is available to expatriates who are legally employed in the city. To access medical care at public facilities or government hospitals and clinics, individuals must possess a health card.

Obtaining a health card requires several documents, including passport details, Emirates ID number, a copy of the tenancy contract, residence visa, a completed application card, and two passport photos. The application process can be completed either in-person at a medical center or online through the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) website.

The cost of the medical card is 320 dirhams for adults and 120 dirhams for children under the age of 10. Once obtained, the health card enables individuals to avail themselves of medical services in Dubai.

Health insurance is a crucial requirement for residing in Dubai. Without valid health insurance, you will not be eligible for a UAE residency visa.

While UAE nationals receive free or affordable insurance, expatriates must obtain and pay for public or private health insurance. It is essential to discuss health insurance coverage with your employer and ensure that your dependents are also adequately covered.

If you require assistance in establishing a business or obtaining a residency visa in Dubai, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information about our services, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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