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Overview – Mainland

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai Made Easy

Setting up a mainland company in Dubai offers numerous advantages, such as access to a broader market and the ability to conduct business locally and internationally. Our expert team will guide you through the entire process, from choosing the right business activity to obtaining necessary licenses and permits. With our support, mainland company formation in Dubai becomes a seamless and efficient experience.

A UAE mainland company is a business entity that is licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the respective Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

It is important to have a mainland company as it offers various benefits. Firstly, it provides market access within the UAE and internationally, allowing for potential growth and a wider customer base. Secondly, it establishes a physical presence in the UAE, facilitating direct relationships with local clients, suppliers, and partners.

Additionally, mainland companies have flexibility in obtaining visas and engaging in a broader range of business activities. For a comprehensive guide to setting up a business on the Dubai mainland, continue reading.

Benefits of Mainland Company Formation in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Location Flexibility and Zero Trade Restrictions

Setting up a mainland company in Dubai allows for unrestricted trade between businesses and provides the flexibility to operate from any location within the UAE. Mainland companies can engage in government contracts and trade directly with consumers, enabling them to establish a strong presence throughout the Emirates.

Broad Working Scope

Mainland businesses have the advantage of undertaking a wide range of activities. 

If you wish to diversify your offerings, you can easily re-register the new business activity with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and start trading freely within the mainland.

Access to Lucrative Government Contracts

Establishing a mainland company in Dubai provides access to lucrative government contracts. The UAE government invests heavily in infrastructure, education, and social facilities, creating ample opportunities for mainland businesses to secure government tenders and projects

100% Ownership Control of Mainland Business Entities

Unlike free zone companies, mainland companies allow for 100% foreign ownership of business entities. 

This means you have full control and ownership of your business, providing greater flexibility and autonomy in decision-making.

Opening Doors: 100% Foreign Ownership of Mainland Companies in the UAE

Recent changes in UAE legislation have allowed for 100% foreign ownership of mainland companies, presenting exciting opportunities for international investors. This progressive move eliminates the need for Emirati partnerships and empowers entrepreneurs to swiftly establish and manage their businesses.

While certain strategic sectors still require local partnerships, the broader availability of full ownership in the UAE’s mainland signifies a commitment to attracting foreign investments and driving economic growth.

By embracing this shift, the UAE showcases its global competitiveness and dedication to fostering a dynamic and diverse business environment. Foreign investors can now explore the vast potential of the UAE’s thriving economy, contributing to its continued success and international prominence.

Switching from Free Zone to Mainland Company Formation in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re currently operating under a free zone business structure and considering transitioning to a mainland company, we’re here to assist you. The three largest UAE free zones are currently home to over 30,000 companies.

Free zones offer convenient pre-packaged business solutions, making them an ideal choice for foreign entrepreneurs. However, there are limitations for business owners within this model. When it comes to expanding your business, switching to a mainland company becomes crucial for long-term prosperity.

With the guidance of a competent UAE national sponsor or company formation specialist, transitioning from a free zone to the UAE mainland is a smart and manageable decision.

Mainland Business Setup Checklist in Dubai:

Select the industry in which you will trade from the Department of Economic Development’s extensive list of permitted activities.

Decide on a location based on factors like budget and business activity. Consider proximity to ports for import/export businesses and the flexibility to open branch offices.

For most foreign entrepreneurs, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the common choice, requiring a local sponsor. Professional service companies can be 100% foreign-owned.

Partner with a local sponsor for commercial or industrial licenses. For professional companies, a local service agent is required to act as a representative.

Follow naming guidelines, avoiding offensive language, religious references, and translated names. Personal names should be used as they sound.

Submit required documents, including license application, memorandum of sponsor arrangements, and shareholder details, to the Department of Economic Development.

Choose between serviced offices with ready-to-use facilities, shell and core spaces requiring fit-out, or pre-fitted spaces where you provide your own equipment.

Apply for visas corresponding to the office space needed. Visa eligibility extends to dependents and can include an investment visa for long-term residency.

Collaborate with UAE-based consultants to navigate the legal and formation process, ensuring a smooth and successful start to your Dubai mainland business.

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