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Mainland Activities - EFG Project Management Services

Mainland Activities


Engaging in Business on Dubai Mainland: Exploring Opportunities and Regulations

Maximize Opportunities: Expert Guidance for Setting up Your Mainland Company with 3,000+ Business Activities

Explore Vast Business Opportunities

Obtain a Mainland Company License and Gain Access to a Wide Range of Business Activities. In some cases, activities can be bundled if they overlap multiple licenses.

Certain activities may require special approval from the relevant government department, and we are here to guide you throughout the entire process, from beginning to end. Benefit from our expertise and ensure a smooth journey from selecting the right licenses to obtaining necessary approvals for your business ideas.

Maximize your potential with our comprehensive support and start your mainland business with confidence.

Popular Mainland Activities for Business Setup

Embark on your mainland business journey by selecting from these popular activities, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and maximizing your business potential:

1. Gym: Establish gyms, gymnasiums, and health clubs as either professional licenses or Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

2. Hospitality: Obtain hospitality licenses for food and beverage activities, including cafes, bars, and restaurants.

3. Import-Export: Option for import-export licenses to engage in direct trade with mainland clients without the need for intermediaries.

4. Retail: Acquire retail licenses to operate shops in malls and other outlets, covering a wide range of products from clothing to bookstores.

5. Event and Entertainment: Obtain licenses for event management and event planning services, catering to both private and public events.

6. Manufacturing: Establish manufacturing licenses for the production of goods within the UAE, enabling local and global distribution.

7. Healthcare: Secure healthcare licenses, which require special approval from the Dubai Health Authority, for businesses in the healthcare sector.

Business Setup